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PERET offline handhold process control instruments:

The vast range of innovative, handhold process control instruments for prepress, print and packaging are designed for user friendliness and reliability. The PRESTO DX spectrodensitometer measures color density, dot gain, dot area, gray balance, trapping, opacity, CIELAB color space and ΔE. The CREASY measures the shape of crease lines, the EGUIDE measures embossing, the BREYE measures braille dots and the FLUO measures invisible security varnishes. PERET instruments can be easily connected to the PRESTO Connect database to store the results. They are operator friendly, quick and reliable in their analysis and robust.


Axicon handhold barcode/QR-code verifiers:

All Axicon barcode/QR-code verifiers conform to the latest ISO/IEC print quality and verifier standards. These instruments have been independently tested, and conform to ISO/IEC 15426-1, 15426-2 and are GS1 compliant. They all have USB connections and are provided with free software. The Axicon 6000 series barcode verifiers are designed to verify small linear barcodes. The Axicon 15000 series verifiers have been designed to read both two-dimensional and linear barcodes. The system uses a special array of LEDs and a CCD-based sensor to capture each barcode image before it is analysed. It is able to verify multiple barcodes in the same field of view, whether they are 2D or linear codes, and the user sees the results for each barcode by selecting the relevant barcode on the screen. Both Axicon instruments are operator friendly, quick and reliable in their analysis.

acme rolltech anilox cylinders and sleeves:

acme rolltech ceramic anilox rollers and sleeves are distinguished by their high density ceramic coating resulting in a high surface hardness for durability and long lifetime. Latest ALE precision fiberlaser engraving technology warrants fine cell counts, consistent and high cell volumes. Standard AH60° hexagonal, AH80° elongated hexagonal, AH45° diamond and helical cell structures as well as the latest advanced channel structures ACE Hex, ACE Ecell, ACE Xcell and ACE Xtreme allow premium print results by a consistent ink transfer, high density and resolution for various substrate, ink and press types. acme rolltech speciality cell structures are AHDW developed for high and consistent white opacity, ATAC for a maximum ink transfer of up to 35 gsm for tactile varnishes, ultra matte and gloss varnishes and special coatings and AHDC for high density spotcolour printing. acme rolltech also offers a sustainable refurbishing of worn or damaged anilox roller/sleeve surfaces.

Acme Rolltech

Polywest printing & adaptor sleeves

POLYWEST has continuously extended its range of products during the last 25 years. Today POLYWEST is a system supplier with the focus on to flexo printing sleeves, adapters and brigdesleeves. Due to their longterm experience they are able to produce high quality products and solutions under highest quality standards and with the latest technology. All sleeves offer light weight, consistent diameter, concentricity and parallelism for accurate register and rotation. The range consists of the standard RUBIN sleeves, OBSIDIAN sleeves with nano coating for surface durability, SOFTCOAT sleeves with cushion foam surface and the conductive ONYX sleeves for highest safety in flexography with solvent inks. All sleeves can be protected by steel/PU inner rings and a PREMIUM coating of the surface and face sides. The range of lightweight POLYCARBON and POLYBRIDGE air adapters improve the handling, cost and print quality of print sleeves for longer print lengths and widths. More than 60 applied patents and utility model protections as well as registered trade marks reflects POLYWEST’s technical competence. Their ISO 9001 certification warrants for their consistent product quality.


PGI Technologies printcylinders:

PGI printcylinders are manufactured from special industrial grade steels and last for a lifetime. They are precision-engineered for enhanced dimensional stability, which improves the print quality, efficiency and productivity. Their CNC precision-ground finishing can be credited for its excellent concentricity tolerances. PGI printcylinders have proven their quality worldwide and are competitive priced.

PGI Technologies printcylinders

Ligum rubber & elastomer printing sleeves:

Ligum rubber & elastomer sleeves are widely used in the printing and converting industry for labels, flexible packaging, decorative printing, coating and lamination. They are available in hardnesses from 40º – 80º shore A, in lengths from 100 – 9000mm and diameters from 50 – 1000mm. Depending on the application the wide selection of EACM, NBR, IIR, EPDM, FKM, CR, CSM and the latest UV 2.0 compounds offer the right surface for the best possible transfer of all kinds of inks, varnishes and coatings to many substrates. ligum rubber & elastomer sleeves offer smooth printing/coating without bouncing, with a high application speed and renown durability.

SWG laser engraved elastomer sleeves:

From labels and flexible packaging to decorative applications such as the production of napkins, wallpaper and gift paper the range of SWG elastomer sleeves provide for seamless printing, long service life, reduced printing costs and the excellent ink transfer especially for coatings and 2 component ink applications. SWG elastomer sleeves offer smooth printing without bouncing, a higher printing speed and faster handling and setup. SWG elastomer sleeves are engraved with the latest multibeam fiberlaser technology to a maximum of 3800mm width and to screen counts 70 L/cm. Special 3D dot structures allow variable dot shapes to ensure sharp contours, minimal dot gain and long life time. The ground surface of elastomers allow a higher ink transfer and full tone densities than photopolymer plates. A selection of elastomer grades allows a customisation to the ink system, substrate and design to achieve the best possible print quality.