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Royfen CI and stack flexo presses:

Royfen offers both gear driven and gearless central impression and economical stack flexo presses designed for the diverse needs of the flexible packaging industry. The Royfen RF-GC8130 servodriven flagship gearless CI-flexopress and the Royfen RF-CI8130 gear driven sleeve CI-flexopress are characterised by precision, performance and efficiency. Available in widths from 800 – 2.000mm and from 4 – 10 colours these presses features automatic registration system, servo technology and sleeve technology. Their ergonomic and user friendly design make press operation simple, reduce setup time and waste and allow for production speeds up to 300m/min. The Royfen RF-S6130 is an economical gear driven flexo stack press ranging from 800 – 2.000mm width and from 4 – 8 colours. Its robust and ergonomic concept makes it easy to operate and allows for high performance up to 200 m/min for printers and converters looking for solid presses and a quick return on investment.

Royfen RF-GC8130
Royfen RF-S6130
Royfen RF-CI8130

OSUNFLEXO flexo/gravure combination presses:

The PowerFlex combination press is OSUNFLEXO’s flagship and the most versatile servo driven stack flexopress in the market. Its unique platform concept allows to combine and exchange each print station. Dual servo driven, full rotary flexo, gravure, screen and offset print stations are available. It can be equipped with a nonstop turret un-/rewinder with automatic butt splicer, web cleaning, corona treater, different UV, IR and hotair dryers, multiple on rail embellishment processes like cold foiling, lamination, turnerbar, and digital inkjet printing. Inline slitting, web video, 100% QC-webinspection and special staged dryers for coldseal application can be chosen. The PowerFlex is easy and quick to setup with its B+R auto pre/reregister system, has a perfect register and minimum waste with its short web path and offers a high productivity at 200 m/min especially in combination with its turret un-/rewinder. It is available from 370 to 670 mm web width and up to 12 colour stations.


Kody Nuzen rotogravure presses:

The Nuzen ELS-RS359 is a shaftless electrical line shaft rotogravure press. The Nuzen ELS-RS359 available in 1300mm web width achieves a maximum production speed of 350m/min and features quick exchange inkstation trolleys, shaftless printcylinders and impression roller sleeves, a sophisticated doctor blade system, a fast auto registration system and turret winders with automatic butt splicers. The Nuzen ELS-RS359 is designed for efficient set (quick setup time & low setup waste), high productivity high print speed and turret winders) and superior print quality. The Kody Nuzen ELS-RS791 is also an electrical line shaft rotogravure press with in 1300mm web width. It achieves a maximum production speed of 300m/min and
features quick exchange impression roller sleeves, shafted printcylinders, a sophisticated doctor blade system, a fast autoregistration system and turret winders with automatic butt splicers. The Nuzen ELS-RS791 is designed for high productivity (high print speed and turret winders) and superior print quality and is competitive priced.

DCM gravure presses, sheetfed flexo presses:

DCM offers state of the art printing machines for flexible packaging converters. The Biva 2 is a modern, extreme user friendly gravure press with unique cantilever technology. It is designed for a most efficient setup and fast production speed up to 600 m/min. Its registration and tension control system caters for a broad range of films, papers and boards. The IM 183 sheetfed flexo press is an efficient, user-friendly press to overprint paper bags, woven and non woven filmic bags up to 3 colours in register through its patented conveyor belt. The press can be operated by one single operator. Thanks to its low price and low cost of operation it is the most economical press for bag decoration. Over 500 installations worldwide have proven this simple and reliable mechanical press. DCM machines are designed for precision, easy handling and robustness.
Equipped with industry leading components these machines are extremely reliable workhorses, which maintain their precision for a long lifetime.


Printsystems post print cleaning machines:

The Quicker range of cleaning machines are build to highest European safety and environmental standards They are easy and safe to operate, clean fast and thorough with water and a cleaning detergent, which is recyclable. The Quicker C-series is a fully automatic flexo plate cleaner available for 660, 960 and 1400mm width. The Quicker U-series ultrasonic anilox cleaner for anilox cylinders and sleeves is available in any width and with single or multiple baths. The Quicker HP-series part cleaning machine can clean press parts like ink pans, doctorblade holders and others up to a width of 1400mm. All Quicker cleaning machines have proven their efficiency, easy handling, low maintenance and reliability worldwide and are competitive priced.

Print systems

ULTRAFLEX plate mounting machines & web video systems:

The UTRAFLEX platemounter/demounter is designed to accommodate shafted print cylinders and sleeves with its unique mount. Equipped with tape dispenser, two high resolution cameras, LED spotlights, laser line plus plate lateral and skew adjust the Ultraflex platemounter allows a 100% precise plate mounting within 30 sec. It is build userfriendly to highest quality standards so that we offer a 2 year warranty. The Observer web inspection system features a 2 million pixel industrial camera for speeds up to 400m/min, 30x magnification, realtime CMYK/RGB color detection, 2D bar/QR-code recognition, length measurement, full print repeat image, split screen for reference/realtime image comparison and motorised camera patrol movement. Hundreds of Observer installations worldwide have proven its precision, efficiency and reliability.